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    • Tessa Gray
      Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

      Found my way here from ULearn2020 - 

      What excites me is the wealth of possibilities Digital Technology opens up for us & my concern is the lack of depth we explore.  We and our students remain mostly consumers when we could be powerful creators!

      - By Megan McLellan
      • Marius Sandu
        Public discussion Created by Marius Sandu

        It basically looks the same way it does for you and me, @Tessa.Gray - be open to un-learn and re-learn in order to remain relevant. I believe that real problem solving, outside a given framework, an ability to discern between fact, fiction, apparently factual information and possibly proven probability could be a start for a new set of "key competencies". Computational thinking would provide a good platform for the development of those skills. Currently, our high school students are acquiring a considerable level of descriptive skills, which to a certain point, involve some analysis ability. However, analysis doesn't necessarily involve creativity, or at least the kind of creativity I was referring to earlier.

        I wouldn't wish to sound too radical, but as I have previously mentioned, we need to adapt to a world that is changing at an exponential rate. Subject specialized individuals are becoming a species of the past. Universality is what keeps our minds open and our spirit ready to be surprised. Successful computer games have a powerful story line, more often than not, historical, as well as amazing graphics. Medical robots and devices are created by doctors and ultimately, the technical solutions to our current environmental problems will be solved by engineers who have a profound understanding of the living world and our history in the Universe. 

        - By Marius Sandu
        • Tessa Gray
          Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

          I'm excited about what robots and AI will be doing in the future. In someways it can be likened to when tractors took over from horses, a lot of people no longer had jobs but it created new jobs maintaining the tractors etc. My hope for the future is that robots/computers will do many jobs for us freeing up time for us to spend in the arts. I hope that in the future artists and their work will be valued like engineers and with computers doing the uncreative work more people can spend their time being creative. 

          - By Joanne Roberts
          • Tessa Gray
            Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

            Really exciting to see the opportunities we can offer to our learning village.... in order for their voice to be part of the creating digital technologies rather than only being users of digital devices!  

            - By Sina Lologa
            • Tessa Gray
              Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

              I've found that teachers like this poster as it helps them to think about the differences between each aspect and to reflect on what aspects their students are already doing. In most cases, teachers realise that their students are already doing at least some aspects of the new content. It's a great way to think about what more could be done as a next step.

              - By Clive Francis
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