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    Tessa Gray
    Learning with the internet of things
    16 January
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Learning with the Internet of things in Primary and Secondary is an initiative in Technology Online where, 

    ..a group of teachers, creative technologists, and facilitators wanted to build confidence in students and teachers from years 1–10. They developed a programme to support students and teachers to apply computational thinking skills to their own projects. The projects were designed to integrate digital technologies concepts with real world contexts – and solving real world problems.

    In this example, Andrew Wills and the students at Bradford Primary School describe how they used their new knowledge in electronics (using Picaxe) to solve problems in their school. Great language and explanations from the students, how clever are those kids?

    There are two other examples for Year 7/8 and 9/10 on the same Technology Online page. What do you think of these projects, making the most of electronics to solve everyday problems?

    I love these examples. The sheer enthusiasm and joy that the students express are really inspirational. 

    - By Clive Francis
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      • Clive Francis
        By Clive Francis
        Jan 17

        I love these examples. The sheer enthusiasm and joy that the students express are really inspirational. 

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