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    Tessa Gray
    What will schools look like in the future?
    3 August
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    Part of the Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko Self Review Tool is asking us to reflect on Te Tahu or a mindset - in order to; recognise how introducing DT curriculum content can be/is part of our learners’ and community's future. If you're completed the survey already, you may also be leading these developments in your own school or kura.

    How are you supporting others to have a mindset or 'readiness' to implement Digital Technologies | Hangarau Matihiko? Are there any media/video clips you're finding useful to use as conversation starters? Please feel free to share these below. 

    If you want to take the 'wow, far out' approach, here's a starter...Rethinking how we "do school" from Trevor MacKenzie's blog.

    You can share the hyperlink or embed the video directly as a reply. See Instructional videos for more details or contact me (click on my profile) for support.

    Really exciting to see the opportunities we can offer to our learning village.... in order for their voice to be part of the creating digital technologies rather than only being users of digital devices!  

    - By Sina Lologa
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      • Sina Lologa
        By Sina Lologa
        Mar 6

        Really exciting to see the opportunities we can offer to our learning village.... in order for their voice to be part of the creating digital technologies rather than only being users of digital devices!  

        • Tessa Gray
          By Tessa Gray
          Mar 4

          Here's a wee classroom snippet from America. I saw/heard a lot of the Key Competencies in this piece. 

          At the end, the news reader adds, says in five years there will be 1 million more computing jobs than students graduating with computer science degrees.

          What does this mean for us in Aotearoa?

          • Vera Gonzales
            By Vera Gonzales
            Feb 20

            Great resource for teachers.  An eye opener for incorporating Digital readiness in schools.

            • Joseph Plooy
              By Joseph Plooy
              Jan 16

              The videos were informative and I now have a better understanding of how DT fits into the NZ Curriculum. I'm looking forward to the next toolkit.

              • Barbara Reid
                By Barbara Reid
                Nov 14

                I really liked the videos explaining digital images and how pixels work. Alos the videos by students talking about how they got in CS. 

                • Melanie Field
                  By Melanie Field
                  Oct 4

                  Great videos, with good examples.

                  • Paula Kasper
                    By Paula Kasper
                    Sep 25

                    The videos bridged a gap that older people have connections with the younger technological pathways being established - we are all on this journey together!

                    The Rotorua gathering was very informative and I highly recommend watching this for a guided curriculum explanation - in te reo Māori and English


                    Looking forward to Digital Technologies learning

                    • Katie Smith
                      By Katie Smith
                      Sep 21

                      I also liked the videos. I thought it was sad that the people in the examples shown were not formally exposed to digital technology until they were at university. I think we are teaching in an exciting time where tamariki will be able to have this as a part of their school life right from the very start. 

                      • Tessa Gray
                        By Tessa Gray
                        Sep 21

                        Kia ora @Adam.Baker1, @Tineke.Dippenaar and Kelly Gaston thanks for sharing. I'm wondering how people are engaging with the videos? ie: On your own, with a buddy, in syndicates, during staff meetings?

                        Everyone needs to create some time to view these to take in key messages, seeing as teachers are time poor, any great suggestions to help get the most out of viewing/engaging/discussing the Pīkau content?

                        • Kelly Gaston
                          By Kelly Gaston
                          Sep 20

                          I found the videos engaging and very effective.  I look forward to continuing my learning.

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