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    Tessa Gray
    How do you learn best? Are you more like Mahuika or Māui?
    1 June
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Mahuika Mahuika, the keeper of fire possesses many traits such as kaitīaki/guardianship, responsible, insightful, long fuse/patient, protector, fierce, social good. These same traits can guide us online. #belikemahuika


    Māui possesses qualities like playfulness, innovative, adaptable, growth mindset, risk-taker, curiosity, problem solver, crafty, goal-oriented, active pursuit, bug fixer and collaborator. #belikemāui

    How do you learn best? Are you more like Mahuika or Māui? Why? Be brave, dive in and share a few sentences about yourself in the comments section below, so we can get to know each and learn from one another -tuakana–teina.



    80% Mauhika, 20% Maui

    - By Kate Moss
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      • Tanya Rowe
        By Tanya Rowe
        May 9

        I'm a mixture of both but probably more Mahuika than Maui. I can be curious and enjoy trying new things but I like to have time to think things through.

        • Christine Sullivan
          By Christine Sullivan
          May 8
          I love the use of Māui and Mahuika in this Pīkau.  I think I am probably a bit of both.  We all want to be risk-takers but oftentimes our roles mean we have to be methodical too.  How about a 'responsible' risk-taker.
          • Debbie Keung
            By Debbie Keung
            May 5

            Kia ora,  I am more like Mahuika most of the time but there are times where I get a bit mischievous, throw caution to the wind (just like Maui) and go for it.  A perfect example being my spur of the moment enrolment in Mind Lab's  PGC in Digital and Collaborative Learning this year.  Glad I'm into learning as I've been in the pit since our class six weeks ago.  

            • Brenda Williams
              By Brenda Williams
              May 5

              Kia ora,  A real mix of Mahuika and Maui ... I like to 'explore', 'play' and 'think'.  I am certainly a mistake maker  :) I like to learn within meaningful contexts (Keeping student learners and colleague learners in mind).

              • Natalie Hayes
                By Natalie Hayes
                May 4

                I am like both Mahuika and Maui, I learn through experience and making mistakes. However i look at the big picture and am methodical and patient, particularly in my role as digital leader.

                • Corinne Rowe
                  By Corinne Rowe
                  May 3

                  I am probably more aligned to Mahuika. As a leader I like to have a clear big picture understanding of what we are trying to achieve as a school. I want to ensure clarity around the real purpose behind the Digital Technologies Curriculum and how it enhances our vision for learning and teaching. As a result, I like time to consider new learning and how it aligns to our learners and vision.

                  • Rachel O'Connell
                    By Rachel O'Connell
                    May 3

                    I am a combination of both - methodical, but also enjoy trying new things and taking some risks.  Love new learning and I'm excited by what the new Digital Technologies curriculum offers.

                    • Justine August
                      By Justine August
                      May 1

                      I am a mokopuna of Maui and that's makes me a risk taker

                      • Joselyn Laird
                        By Joselyn Laird
                        Apr 29

                        I am a mixture of both Mahuika and Maui.When it comes to personal learning I am very methodical. With the new Digital Technology I like to take risks and learn from my mistakes.

                        • Betsy Lui
                          By Betsy Lui
                          Apr 28

                          A mixture of both Maui and Mahuika; depending on the context and the situation, I may prepare and cautiously take my time and explore new learning with care and there are times when I dive right in mistakes and all! 

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