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    Tessa Gray
    How do you learn best? Are you more like Mahuika or Māui?
    1 June
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Mahuika Mahuika, the keeper of fire possesses many traits such as kaitīaki/guardianship, responsible, insightful, long fuse/patient, protector, fierce, social good. These same traits can guide us online. #belikemahuika


    Māui possesses qualities like playfulness, innovative, adaptable, growth mindset, risk-taker, curiosity, problem solver, crafty, goal-oriented, active pursuit, bug fixer and collaborator. #belikemāui

    How do you learn best? Are you more like Mahuika or Māui? Why? Be brave, dive in and share a few sentences about yourself in the comments section below, so we can get to know each and learn from one another -tuakana–teina.



    I can be a lot like Maui when I'm first introduced to an app or website. I like to play and see what I can and can't do. After that I'm a bit like Mahuika in that I like to make sure I'm not missing anything important so that I can deliver information thoroughly. 

    - By Erin Browne
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      • Justine August
        By Justine August
        May 1

        I am a mokopuna of Maui and that's makes me a risk taker

        • Joselyn Laird
          By Joselyn Laird
          Apr 29

          I am a mixture of both Mahuika and Maui.When it comes to personal learning I am very methodical. With the new Digital Technology I like to take risks and learn from my mistakes.

          • Betsy Lui
            By Betsy Lui
            Apr 28

            A mixture of both Maui and Mahuika; depending on the context and the situation, I may prepare and cautiously take my time and explore new learning with care and there are times when I dive right in mistakes and all! 

            • Tessa Gray
              By Tessa Gray
              Apr 26

              Tina Utting I'll send the word out and see what we can find for you!

              • Kara Luke
                By Kara Luke
                Apr 23

                I am definitely a Maui.  I take risks and enjoy making mistakes.  I learn more this way.


                • Jennie Le Sueur
                  By Jennie Le Sueur
                  Apr 23

                  When I’m in the classroom as a teacher with students I am mostly like Māui - a risk taker and keen to give new learning a go. I am curious about all the new DT that keep appearing and want to evaluate then share what I hope will engage and excite my students. However when I’m in the role of offering PD support to teachers I am more like Mahuika and like to be methodical and patient with adults who perceive DT as new and challenging and just another curriculum area that needs to be integrated into the day. 

                  • Marc Gibson
                    By Marc Gibson
                    Apr 17

                    Hi All

                    I think I more a Maui but like to think that I am sometimes like Mahuika. I learn best by making mistakes and learning through these.

                    • Paul Andrews
                      By Paul Andrews
                      Apr 12

                      I am a mixture of both as a result of having different roles. I am more Maui by nature though.

                      • Agatha Soagia
                        By Agatha Soagia
                        Apr 11

                        I feel that I can be both depending on what the context or disciplines are but in this particular journey, I think I am definitely a Maui. I am excited by the new opportunities that the Digital Technologies bring. 

                        • Tina Utting
                          By Tina Utting
                          Apr 4

                          Is there a link to the animation for this? I have seen it at a few events but can't find it online. Think it would be great to show at a school PD session. 

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