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    Tessa Gray
    How do you learn best? Are you more like Mahuika or Māui?
    1 June
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Mahuika Mahuika, the keeper of fire possesses many traits such as kaitīaki/guardianship, responsible, insightful, long fuse/patient, protector, fierce, social good. These same traits can guide us online. #belikemahuika


    Māui possesses qualities like playfulness, innovative, adaptable, growth mindset, risk-taker, curiosity, problem solver, crafty, goal-oriented, active pursuit, bug fixer and collaborator. #belikemāui

    How do you learn best? Are you more like Mahuika or Māui? Why? Be brave, dive in and share a few sentences about yourself in the comments section below, so we can get to know each and learn from one another -tuakana–teina.



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      • susan williams
        By susan williams
        Nov 5

        I  am a mixture of both.

        • Janetta Mayerhofler
          By Janetta Mayerhofler
          Nov 4

          Abit of both. Would like to think I am more like Maui but know I am probably more like Mahuika.

          • Steve Shallard
            By Steve Shallard
            Oct 23

            I think I am quite a lot like Mahuika. I am quite methodical and a step by step type person. I am quite conservative when it comes to working on digital technologies as I worry about messing something up.

            • Michelle Patterson
              By Michelle Patterson
              Oct 15

              I think I am a bit of both. Exploring and trying things out but like to have the back up of the knowledge that comes from reading and thinking.

              • Jo Dudley
                By Jo Dudley
                Oct 14

                I am a mixture of both. I love trying new thing but really like to have the background knowledge as well.

                • Justine Clark
                  By Justine Clark
                  Oct 13

                  I think I have a bit of both.  i like to learn by playing round but also like to have a little knowledge first.


                  • Melissa Grant
                    By Melissa Grant
                    Oct 8

                    Keen to further my learning through this platform.  I am more like a Maui.

                    • Michele Dakers
                      By Michele Dakers
                      Oct 3

                      My learning style is probably a bit of both - Mahuika and Maui

                      • Betsy Lui
                        By Betsy Lui
                        Sep 17

                        Definitely a Maui too! Exploring and learning as I go. 

                        • Fawziyyah Rafiq
                          By Fawziyyah Rafiq
                          Sep 5

                          I think I am more of a Maui, I like to learn through play and experimenting.

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