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    Tessa Gray
    What excites and concerns you about teaching Digital Technologies?
    1 June
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Why DT? Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko (DT & HM) have recently been  included into the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. DT & HM includes topics that have never been part of this learning area before, so chances are you may not have encountered this as part of your own education.

    Tell us how you’re feeling about the additions to the curriculum in the comments section below. You might find others with similar thoughts to your own.

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    This is amazing and exciting for education but will need integrating with other curriculum, otherwise how do we fit it all in?

    - By Fiona Lamont
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      • Fiona Lamont
        By Fiona Lamont
        Aug 30

        This is amazing and exciting for education but will need integrating with other curriculum, otherwise how do we fit it all in?

        • Pip Timoteo
          By Pip Timoteo
          Aug 28

          As a learner I find it exciting learning about digital technologies and coming to the realisation that it is not that hard and scary. In fact there are a number of things we are already doing in classes that can be tweaked to cover CT and or 3DT concepts easily. 

          It is scary that there is so much resistance from teachers who are not willing to be learners. I am sure if they have the right PD and are supported correctly this will disappear but it is still very concerning that far too many teachers are not willing to do this. How can we be teachers without being learners as well!

          • Sangita Nand
            By Sangita Nand
            Aug 21

            Digital technology is not being able to use the devices but to work collaboratively to create digital outcomes, which will be more hands-on and students of today are definitely curious to learn more and more. As teachers, we have to show the same enthusiasm towards digital curriculum and gear up for the future which is going to be highly technological. It was great to know that there are so many job opportunities relating to digital technologies. surprise

            • Sangita Nand
              By Sangita Nand
              Aug 20

              Digital Curriculum will allow students to be more curious and creative. 

              • Hitha Johnson
                By Hitha Johnson
                Aug 20

                digital technology is something new and can be used in planning.

                • Vanessa Tait
                  By Vanessa Tait
                  Aug 20

                  Allows them to be creative.

                  • Shabnam Suliman
                    By Shabnam Suliman
                    Aug 20

                    It's about allowing students to discover a variety of ways to problem solve.

                    • Kate Moss
                      By Kate Moss
                      Aug 18

                      It is all very exciting... I like that we are learning and developing a new skill set and feel like I need to dedicate more time than I have available to learning it well.

                      • Michaela Porteous
                        By Michaela Porteous
                        Aug 18

                        It's exciting that our curriculum is changing as the world is changing. I'm concerned about the time it may take to implement this program and potential lack of resources. Teachers will need to continue to upskill.

                        • Janey Collins
                          By Janey Collins
                          Aug 13

                          DT and implementing CT are going very slowly.  We simply don't have time or access to the upskilling process to drive this as fast as I feel we are being pushed towards digital implementation.  I have concerns that I might be seen as old school but simple skills are being lost to the faster paced computer-driven generation we teach now.

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