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    Tessa Gray
    What excites and concerns you about teaching Digital Technologies?
    1 June
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    Why DT? Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko (DT & HM) have recently been  included into the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. DT & HM includes topics that have never been part of this learning area before, so chances are you may not have encountered this as part of your own education.

    Tell us how you’re feeling about the additions to the curriculum in the comments section below. You might find others with similar thoughts to your own.

    Likewise, if you'd like to start a discussion thread of your own, please feel free to create one here.


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      • Megan McLellan
        By Megan McLellan
        Oct 8

        Found my way here from ULearn2020 - 

        What excites me is the wealth of possibilities Digital Technology opens up for us & my concern is the lack of depth we explore.  We and our students remain mostly consumers when we could be powerful creators!

        • Tessa Gray
          By Tessa Gray
          Sep 24

          Awesome to hear just how positively everyone is arriving at this kaupapa - Kerri, Ngawai, Hafsa, Julekha and yes @Tim. GASSON you're right about the pace of getting everyone on-board, having common understandings of the language and intention of this now 'not so new' area of the curriculum. 

          There is still much work to be done, but I'm excited by how many teachers can see the authentic connections and ways to technological areas including DTs into rich curriculum design. I think any conversations about how we're all doing this in our contexts is worth sharing going forward. smiley

          • Tim GASSON
            By Tim GASSON
            Sep 9

            What excites me: Additional recognised avenues for learning for our students and colleagues.

            What concerns me: Is the predictable haste in which an initiative such as this is expected to be implemented.

            • Julekha Bibi
              By Julekha Bibi
              Sep 8

              Excited to deliver the DT curriculum to my students and providing a range of benefits to learners. Increase my knowledge in this area further to successfully engage my students in DT.

              • Hafsa Liaqat
                By Hafsa Liaqat
                Sep 2

                I am excited about DT, as for me the experiences, the integration of it in other curriculum areas is what makes it wow. It seems so effortless and meaningful when you have seen it in experience and i would like to master that confidence of effortless integration. 

                • Tessa Gray
                  By Tessa Gray
                  Jun 3

                  Helen Norcliffe and Nane Lockington  I hear you about growing your own knowledge, there are a few new things to learn in this kuapapa, terminology and coding processes, language etc. I've found the Pīkau really useful, and hoping you and your colleagues have been able to sign up for Kauhaurangi Tuihono - webinar series like Annie Ash has found and you might like too @Ngawai.Haitana-Tuhoro. smiley Sometimes sharing videos of rapid advancements and changes to technology in society is a nudge for those who might not see the purpose of this being introduced into our curriculum, ie: the good, bad and ugly of artificial intelligence as well as igniting interest in students Kerri Bailey (who may not have been inspired before) can be catalysts for getting teachers to get on board too.

                  • Ngawai Haitana-Tuhoro
                    By Ngawai Haitana-Tuhoro
                    May 29

                    The thing that excites me about teaching digital technologies, is learning about digital technologies and developing my understanding more.  I am enjoying working through the pīkau. 

                    • Kerri Bailey
                      By Kerri Bailey
                      May 25

                      The thing that excites me about DT is that this is another tool we can use to ignite and engage our students. This could be the "way in" for some of the children that we may not have been able to reach so far. Because it's also a curriculum area, it's going to be someone's "thing" just as Maths, Literacy, Art, Science etc are which is awesome, we are giving our kids more options!

                      • Annie Ash
                        By Annie Ash
                        May 5

                        What excites me is that the learning I am doing while completing the pikau and the meet ups.  I am really excited about integrating Digital technologies into my classroom practice.  I can see a whole lot of exciting and new learning for myself and my learners.  While I continue to learn I can see a lot of what we have been doing can easily be integrated through digital technologies, for example developing mathematical vocabulary etc.  I haven't got any concerns so far in my journey. 

                        • Nane Lockington
                          By Nane Lockington
                          Apr 1

                          What is exciting about DT is the endless opportunities we as educators and learners have access to.  This will extend us further as we more into the digital age and the fact that this is not new territory as scary as it may seem,  it is about making those connections and integrating this into our learning.

                          Like Clive, I am concerned about the reservations of many teachers and lack of knowledge in how to implement DT into the learning.  This may prevent them from exploring DT.  In this day and age we need to be open to new learning and engaging in the learning with our learners.

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