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    Tessa Gray
    What excites and concerns you about teaching Digital Technologies?
    1 June
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Why DT? Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko (DT & HM) have recently been  included into the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. DT & HM includes topics that have never been part of this learning area before, so chances are you may not have encountered this as part of your own education.

    Tell us how you’re feeling about the additions to the curriculum in the comments section below. You might find others with similar thoughts to your own.

    Likewise, if you'd like to start a discussion thread of your own, please feel free to create one here.


    @Helen.Norcliffe1 and @Nane.Lockington2  I hear you about growing your own knowledge, there are a few new things to learn in this kuapapa, terminology and coding processes, language etc. I've found the Pīkau really useful, and hoping you and your colleagues have been able to sign up for Kauhaurangi Tuihono - webinar series like @Annie.Ash1 has found and you might like too @Ngawai.Haitana-Tuhoro. smiley Sometimes sharing videos of rapid advancements and changes to technology in society is a nudge for those who might not see the purpose of this being introduced into our curriculum, ie: the good, bad and ugly of artificial intelligence as well as igniting interest in students @Kerri.Bailey (who may not have been inspired before) can be catalysts for getting teachers to get on board too.

    - By Tessa Gray
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      • Brenda Williams
        By Brenda Williams
        May 5

        Appreciate this platform to support teacher understanding and implementation. Excited by teachers sharing ...Like the practical ideas/applications. The 'learning' feels right. Seems to make sense for our learners (Current class is Year 0-3). Concern would be an already 'full' curriculum - keen to develop further understanding/confidence to integrate more (and to assist colleagues across our school).

        • Natasha Bagley
          By Natasha Bagley
          May 4

          I love the collaborative nature and focus on computational thinking versus using digital technologies and I am excited to explore how I can build this into the subjects I teach, even those that are not specifically called "Digital Technologies"! Learning to control and create the digital outcomes versus being controlled by them is also a very important focus. I am concerned like others about the speed of implementation and support for staff keen to learn and explore this curriculum area, as I feel like it may be done without enough training and PD for staff to give them the confidence in what they are trying to do. It seems new changes always involve staff learning in their own time, like I am doing now on my weekend.

          • Corinne Rowe
            By Corinne Rowe
            May 3

            I love the collaborative nature of the learning, authentic opportunities to develop thinking and the key competencies. To think about, would be the development of staff particularly with the the variance in capability and confidence in this area, the time required to grow in this area and the space teachers need to embed this as part of their practice in a meaningful and thoughtful way. Important things to think about as leaders in our school given teacher workload at the moment.

            • Betsy Lui
              By Betsy Lui
              Apr 28

              I am really excited about exploring the Digital Technologies curriculum through this platform and the prospect of learning alongside my tamariki as we embark on this exciting new journey! 

              • Tessa Gray
                By Tessa Gray
                Apr 26

                Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. Acknowledging Enablers and Barriers in our localised contexts is an important stocktake when strategically planning for implementing Digital Technologies school-wide. For more on strategic planning, check out the support for digital leaders/pouahi in the Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko webisite.

                • Kathleen O'Hare
                  By Kathleen O'Hare
                  Apr 23

                  What excites me: That this is new content is appropriate for all our students - not just the gifted and talented!  That teachers just give it a go!

                  What concerns me: Equitable access to all the 'bells and whistles' for those of us in lower decile schools.  How do we ensure that our students have access to the same tools/resources not just the cheaper 'unplugged' resources.

                  • Kara Luke
                    By Kara Luke
                    Apr 23

                    I am excited about using new thinking tools to enhance student learning.  I feel our students already have some of these and the validation that this curriculum brings should enhance their self efficacy as a learner.

                    I am concerned that teachers will stick with one tool and not look at the variety of ways we can learn a skill.

                    • Phil Quenby
                      By Phil Quenby
                      Apr 23

                      I'm excited by the unplugged activities like the progress outcome  exemplars on TKI -

                      I also really liked the digital image part of the first Pikau, where an image, using that webpage, was zoomed in to see the colour make up of each pixle and how that then translates to an image we can make sense of.

                      • Niki Burtenshaw
                        By Niki Burtenshaw
                        Apr 23

                        What excites me is that I'm beginning to feel like I understand the knowledge behind DT and my confidence is I'm learning heaps too

                        • Heather HARPER
                          By Heather HARPER
                          Apr 19

                          What excites me is that the focus is on understanding What is Computational Thinking at the beginning using unplugged activities and resources... rather than jumping straight into the DT hardware / software. Also the support provided through this amazing resource and the teachers / educators involved. The pïkau are awesome and extensive.

                          What concerns me is the equitable access to these resources and the knowledge that they are available. Do all schools know about this resource?


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