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    Tessa Gray
    What excites and concerns you about teaching Digital Technologies?
    1 June
    Public discussion Created by Tessa Gray

    Why DT? Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko (DT & HM) have recently been  included into the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. DT & HM includes topics that have never been part of this learning area before, so chances are you may not have encountered this as part of your own education.

    Tell us how you’re feeling about the additions to the curriculum in the comments section below. You might find others with similar thoughts to your own.

    Likewise, if you'd like to start a discussion thread of your own, please feel free to create one here.


    It is all very exciting... I like that we are learning and developing a new skill set and feel like I need to dedicate more time than I have available to learning it well.

    - By Kate Moss
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      • Kate Moss
        By Kate Moss
        Aug 18

        It is all very exciting... I like that we are learning and developing a new skill set and feel like I need to dedicate more time than I have available to learning it well.

        • Michaela Porteous
          By Michaela Porteous
          Aug 18

          It's exciting that our curriculum is changing as the world is changing. I'm concerned about the time it may take to implement this program and potential lack of resources. Teachers will need to continue to upskill.

          • Janey Collins
            By Janey Collins
            Aug 13

            DT and implementing CT are going very slowly.  We simply don't have time or access to the upskilling process to drive this as fast as I feel we are being pushed towards digital implementation.  I have concerns that I might be seen as old school but simple skills are being lost to the faster paced computer-driven generation we teach now.

            • Emily Malone
              By Emily Malone
              Aug 8

              I like the idea to integrate into current practices and curriculum, making it more relevant to both the students and teachers learning. 

              • Shirley Bastin
                By Shirley Bastin
                Jul 19

                I value the way the DT Curriculum puts emphasis on thinking, (both logical and creative) something which was once an under-rated skill in the classroom,

                • Fiona jackson
                  By Fiona jackson
                  May 30

                  I am so excited by the many opportunities and skills for students to learn through digital technology.

                  My concerns are that training teachers are not been taught any in their studies!! Also, there are too many teachers who think using a digital device is teaching digital technology..... We need to make sure it is purposeful and related  back to the curriculum.

                  • Nicole Hayhurst
                    By Nicole Hayhurst
                    May 26

                    DT is exciting but at the same time overwhelming as an educator. I completely see and understand the need for this to have more of a focus in schools but I wonder if I am capable of doing it justice. I just hope teachers receive enough support, PD and other resources to support this new curriculum. My son is someone who has fully benefitted from this in schools and I would love to be able to provide this same opportunity to other students. 

                    • Lara Moss
                      By Lara Moss
                      May 20

                      DT excites me because the students get excited and engaged with it. It is another way to be creative and find solutions for issues and problems.  My concerns are around not just doing 'DT' for the sake of it but ensuring it is woven into and through learning, as a tool, not the tool.

                      Unplugged is great for equitable access however within my current group of students and our class device allocation, it can be tricky to ensure equity when using online tools in our class.

                      • Michael Fawcett
                        By Michael Fawcett
                        May 17

                        I'm curious about how to bring others on board, the ones who've already decided that DT isn't for them. The ones who see LwDT/DT/HM as too much of a challenge.  This area is something I've been excited about since I first started teaching and made our first class website in 2000. It's taken a while to go "mainstream".

                        • Debbie Keung
                          By Debbie Keung
                          May 5

                          What excites me about teaching Digital Technologies is the learning potential DT offers to  all our learners regardless of their who they are and where they come from.  I also think it's great that more focus is placed on computational thinking, design and creation rather than the use of DT hardware and software.  

                          What concerns me is whether I will have adequate knowledge in DT so I can effectively implement in my classroom practise next year.



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