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    Tessa Gray
    What excites and concerns you about teaching Digital Technologies?
    1 June
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    Why DT? Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko (DT & HM) have recently been  included into the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. DT & HM includes topics that have never been part of this learning area before, so chances are you may not have encountered this as part of your own education.

    Tell us how you’re feeling about the additions to the curriculum in the comments section below. You might find others with similar thoughts to your own.

    Likewise, if you'd like to start a discussion thread of your own, please feel free to create one here.


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      • Adrienne Tavendale
        By Adrienne Tavendale
        Mar 26

        I'll admit this is new to me and daunting, partially because if I'm honest it is not something I personally am interested in.  However, I have two primary aged children of my own and understand that this is their future. My goals at this very early stage are to get a clear understanding of exactly what digital tech is and what it is not, and begin to explore how it might look and fit in the role that I am in at my school. I want whatever I do to be engaging, but it also has to be authentic and fit into what I am already doing, so looking at ways to adapt what I am already doing to make it work for everyone.  Small steps for me!

        • Helen Norcliffe
          By Helen Norcliffe
          Jan 6

          To start with, my big concern is my lack of knowledge at this point.  I guess I am in the right place to deal with that.  Unfortunately, there are too many educators out there who are resistant to change, especially with digital development.  However, I am really excited about seeing student engagement with computational thinking and where it can take them!

          • Joanne Roberts
            By Joanne Roberts
            Dec 9

            I totally agree @Audrey.Campbell. Integration over learning areas is ideal. In relation to the professional development, doing these pīkau is a great start (there are now 23 pīkau in both English and Māori mediums. Also keep an eye out under the Meetups section of the Resources tab. There will be many meetups around the country in 2020. These are a great way to ignite and fuel passion in DT teaching.

            • Audrey Campbell
              By Audrey Campbell
              Nov 28

              Integration has to be the key - it cannot stand alone as the timetable is already bursting full.  

              A plan is needed to ensure there is professional development wrapped around to meet the depth of knowledge required.

              • Karney Dawson
                By Karney Dawson
                Nov 25

                I have broken the ice and plunged into this course of work. Though myself I have that confidence and passion to run with this I really want to experience the whole process so I am in the shoes of those that have not in the same mindset as me. A great start was this session. Small steps make a big difference was my take away.

                • Misha Shamdass
                  By Misha Shamdass
                  Nov 21

                  DT and the skills of computational thinking and 3DO have the possibility of unleashing amazing creativity in learners which will develop their 21st century learning skills. A concern for me would be the time it will take for teachers/schools upskill themselves with the learning first and to then integrate them into their existing curriculum areas. 

                  • Helen Duff
                    By Helen Duff
                    Nov 12

                    As a P.P.T. - passionate primary teacher - I am really excited about the application of Digital Technologies across the curriculum. I am an RSNZ STLP person and can see how the weaving of this learning through science can also progress across all other learning areas - music especially.

                    • Justine Clark
                      By Justine Clark
                      Oct 10

                      That it is there for all students and they will all be able to achieve it.

                      • Fiona Lamont
                        By Fiona Lamont
                        Aug 30

                        This is amazing and exciting for education but will need integrating with other curriculum, otherwise how do we fit it all in?

                        • Pip Timoteo
                          By Pip Timoteo
                          Aug 28

                          As a learner I find it exciting learning about digital technologies and coming to the realisation that it is not that hard and scary. In fact there are a number of things we are already doing in classes that can be tweaked to cover CT and or 3DT concepts easily. 

                          It is scary that there is so much resistance from teachers who are not willing to be learners. I am sure if they have the right PD and are supported correctly this will disappear but it is still very concerning that far too many teachers are not willing to do this. How can we be teachers without being learners as well!

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