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EM Pīkau 7: What is programming now live!

Who should do this pīkau?

Anyone who is new to programming and isn’t sure how aspects of programming fit together. Particularly those who have done First Steps in Programming: Pīkau 5 and Programming with Sequence and Output: Pīkau 6. Mainly primary and intermediate school teachers and those who are new to programming.

Participants will learn about:

  1. Where programming can be found in everyday life
  2. The role coding plays within programming.
  3. The relationship between algorithms, data, and programs.
  4. The elements of programming that are independent of changes in technology.

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While working on this pīkau it was announced that Tim Bell had been made a Distinguished Member of the ACM,  "For Outstanding Educational Contributions to Computing".

    • Sina Lologa
      Sina Lologa

      Who else is finding the videos on here are getting a lot quieter now?  The sound quality is not as good as the previous pikaus?

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