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Slaying 30-year-old demon with Kia Takatū

Rachel Lange


Digital Technologies is scheduled to be a major focus at Canterbury’s Sefton School next year, and teacher Rachel Lange is keen to be part of. But first she had to get over a demon from more than 30 years ago.

In her final year at high school, she took the relatively new subject of applied maths.

“Three out of six of my questions were on computing and I really didn’t get it. My teacher used to say ‘writing computer programmes is logic, and you’re not logical’. So I was incredibly put off.  I thought this just isn’t me.”

Her attitude changed in the last year after she attended an information day where the new digital technologies curriculum content was being discussed.

“I realised that at school, I had just needed to go back and try a different way to try and fix things up. I would have been all over that because I love problem solving. But it was such as foreign concept then. It was certainly only the second year that our school had offered applied maths, with a computing component and we had one computer in the whole school."

Rachel is not letting her late start put her off embracing the changes and she is using the Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko Digital Readiness programme to help lead the work in her school.

“I did the Self Review tool. It comes up with where you are at certain places. I scored ‘really fiery’ on the areas of being passionate and open to trying new things. Some of the questions were more specific about what you could actually do, and I didn’t score so well there. So it was a very accurate reflection of where I was at.

“I have attended days for lead teachers, and shared some of the things we did with other staff here - a couple of little teasers. We’ve tried to zero people in on parts of the curriculum content that are quite accessible.


“I think digital technologies is going to be to inspire cross collaboration. It opens up so many facets that were a little bit more closed off.”

Thanks Rachel.

At Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko we know that there are teachers who are a little nervous about incorporating the Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko content in the curricula into their classrooms.  

But we’ve also worked really hard to make sure that the learning can suit all levels - absolute beginners as well as those who have previous experience working with the digital technologies curriculum content.

We're all learners at different stages of the continuum, like Rachel, are you finding new-found confidence or understanding and are you updating your progress on the self review tool?  Feel free to comment below and share your experiences as a Brave New Beginner.
    • Tessa Gray
      Tessa Gray

      Being a self-starter, being able to unlearn, learn and relearn, well as helping others to do the same; is an important part of 'getting ready'. Thanks for sharing your story @Rachel.Lange. Wishing you well with the next stages of your journey. smiley


      • Rachel Lange
        Rachel Lange

        Enjoying the journey so far. Thanks.

        • Viv Hall
          Viv Hall

          Tino pai Rachel, your story has a powerful message for all of us.  One that we encourage students to try but often forget ourselves. Going back and trying a different way shows a growth mindset that we all need. 

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