Ngā Kiriahi community guidelines
Updated by Ānaru White

KTAM whakatauki

Kia ora, nau mai, haere mai.


Welcome to Ngā Kiriahi, our community space for Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko Digital Readiness. For more about this community see About us.


Our community is made up of kaiako, tumuaki, teachers, leaders - you! As we connect online we want to be able to learn from each other in an inclusive, encouraging way that demonstrates;

  • whanaungatanga (relationships)
  • manaakitanga (support)
  • mohiotanga (sharing)
  • tuakana / teina (helping one another).

While our community is facilitated, we’d also like you be curious risk takers and kaitīaki (guardians) much like Māui and Mahuika; and nurture rich and empowering conversations by helping to give oxygen to everyone’s contributions as well as providing some shared māramatanga (understandings).


Mahuika, the keeper of fire possesses many traits such as kaitīaki/guardianship, responsible, insightful, long fuse/patient, protector, fierce, social good. These same traits can guide us online



Be like Mahuika online:


  • Be proud to show who you are in your online profile, while being mindful to protect the privacy and safety of yourself and others
  • Demonstrate good digital citizenship practices as rangatira (tone, intent)
  • Show some aroha, patience, respect and understanding of other people’s views and find ways to make them feel valued and involved online #belikemahuika

Māui possesses qualities like playfulness, innovative, adaptable, growth mindset, risk-taker, curiosity, problem solver, crafty, goal-oriented, active pursuit, bug fixer and collaborator. #belikemāui


Be like Māui online:


  • Encourage participation by igniting a passion (or starting a fire) by being inquisitive, asking questions and monitoring your own discussions
  • Share your wealth and foresight of knowledge and support for others by staying on topic and answering questions
  • Be proud to grow your digital footprint online

Be the best of yourself online:

  • Be inclusive in your comments and respect the language, culture and identity of others. Some groups will be totally dedicated to this kaupapa in Te reo Māori.
  • Be mindful of intellectual property and ownership - give credit and acknowledgement to other people and their resources, always ask for permission to reuse
  • Be proud to share your professional self online. This can become part of your digital portfolio for others to view.
  • Become familiar with our Terms and Conditions.

We all take responsibility for upholding these guidelines and moderators of the site will intervene and take action if/when these conditions are breached - ie: Warn, moderate or suspend activity. If you have any queries or recommendations to contribute, feel free to add these in this discussion thread. For technical support, contact For all other support, contact community facilitators Ānaru White and Tessa Gray.

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