Catherine Johnson

About me

My teaching experience spans almost 23 years with the first 10 being in the UK and the rest here in NZ. 

I moved to NZ with my husband and then 1 baby, with no2 on the way. We came here to give us and our children the strong family and community values the UK had long lost. We hadn't visited before we came, so relied on the developing NZC to indicate what NZ would be like. 

Thankfully it is everything we wanted and more. My husband Guy is an engineer in Rangiora, my 3 daughters are teens and loving rural NZ, and my mum has come to live with us too. I train and ride horses, and love driving my sports and classic cars, and if any time remains, help my husband fix them!

I've been a middle and senior leader since the mid-90's and have taught all of the technology areas, but am particularly passionate about digital aided design, 3D printing and laser/gel cutters and other high tech manufacturing processes.

I am lucky to be working with a world-class team of passionate professionals and to be the English medium project lead of KTaM alongside Janelle Riki-Waaka. We are all working very hard to ensure this is the the best learning experience it can be for the hard-working educators of Aotearoa. Please get in touch with any of the team with any feedback on how we can make it even better!

Ngā mihi nui, we are here for you.


Brief description: Lead Facilitator, Core Education, & English Medium Project Lead Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko