• Pete Graham

      Pete Graham

      About me: ...tal Tech at Buller High School here in Westport. My current role is many-faceted, but a core concern is to support the growth of cooperation and community across the large geographic s...

      • James Robson

        James Robson

        About me: ...her Ambassador 2016 Hapara Champion Educator Google Certified Educator Certified Common Sense Educator  Member of the Microsoft Educator Community Google Certificate in Compu...

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        • Natalia King-Taylor

          Comment on "Self review tool"

          Kia ora Tessa This is my first post in the online community so hopefully this comment goes through  I have taken on the role of leading DT&HM within my school and I am loo...

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          • Nicki Tempero

            Scratch - Getting Unstuck

   is supporting that familiarity and fluency—by inviting you into these daily programming challenges and connecting you with a supportive community of fellow learners.  &nb...

            • Tessa Gray

              What will schools look like in the future?

              ...e Tahu or a mindset - in order to; recognise how introducing DT curriculum content can be/is part of our learners’ and community's future. If you're c...

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              • Tessa Gray

                Ngā Kiriahi community guidelines

                ...; Welcome to Ngā Kiriahi, our community space for Kia Takatū ā-Matihi...l Readiness. For more about this community see About us. one another). While our community is facilitated, we’d al.... For all other support, contact community facilitators Ānaru White and...

                • Tessa Gray

                  Ngā Kiriahi community glossary

                  ...ow which group the discussion is hosted from. You can also search the community for the Latest, Pop...en if they are not Ngā Kiriahi members), logged in users (Ngā Kiriahi community members), the group (only gro...

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                  • Tahu Paki

                    Nau mai! Welcome to our online community for Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko (Digital Readiness)! If you have any questions, post them up! Ngā mihi!

                    • Tahu Paki

                      Awesome to see more and more kaiako joining our online community!

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                      • Nicola Tempero

                        DT4PS - Pou Hihiko

                        ...activities, outlining the underlying computer science concepts and exploring how to extend students thinking and problem solving skills. Build a community of learners into Kia Takatū-ā...

                        • Nicki Tempero

                          Ngā Kiriahi Webinar - how to use and navigate this space

                          Ngā Kiriahi is our dedicated online community space for Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko. You might have been in here and reply to discussions. How to make it best work for you and the community around you. For more infor...

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                          • Ngā Kiriahi

                            Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko | National Readiness programme goes live today

                            Kia ora tātou, We are GO FOR LAUNCH! The team have been busy and we're proud to be able to bring you a dynamic Kia takatū ā-Matihiko | National Readiness programme, including Ngā Kiriahi - an online learning community to support you as you implement the two new areas of...

                            Tags: launch, community, ready, go, kia takatū, ngā kiriahi, ministry, announcement

                            • Tessa Gray

                              Ngā Kiriahi community guidelines

                              Kia ora, nau mai, haere mai.   Welcome to Ngā Kiriahi, our community space for Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko Digital Readiness. For more about this community see About us.   Our community is made up of kaiako, tumuaki, teachers, leaders - you! As we connect online we want to b...

                              Tags: community, expectations, guidelines, rules, engagement

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                            • Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko events during Tech Week
                              Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko has few events going on during Tech Week that may of interest to you all and your schools or kura. Please feel free to get involved or to share. Let's keep the campfires stoked and warm!   Techweek   Kia Takatū events during Tech...
                            • FREE DT & HM Readiness Workshops in your region
                              FREE DT & HM Readiness Workshops in your region
                              Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko will be in your region offering free workshops to support teachers, kaiako and leaders to better understand and implement the Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko curricula content.   Ki te Ahikāroa or Regional Meetups are hands-on, engaging workshops and...
                            • A virtual tour of Ngā Kiriahi | He tirotiro mariko i Ngā Kiriahi
                              A virtual tour of Ngā Kiriahi | He tirotiro mariko i Ngā Kiriahi
                              Meetup details: Date: Mar 28, 2019 Time: 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM Type: Online Webinar   Join us for a virtual tour of Ngā Kiriahi - Kia Takatū-a-Matihiko's virtual learning community. Tess and Hōhepa will be our tour guides and will share with us how to effectively navigate this...