• Tessa Gray

      Best robotic kits for beginners

      "Robotics supports learning with a focus on problem finding and then problem solving" Enabling e-Learning Robotics What robots are you looking at purchasing for your school and what's guiding your decisions? Affordability, easy to use, programable, durable, link to other...

      Tags: robots, robotics, dash & Dot, Robobits, Bee-bot, Blue-bot, Cosmo, Edison, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorms, Sphero, Vex, programme, drag, drop, coding

      • Tessa Gray

        A world full of robots

        Wow, this is almost scary as much as it is WOW! Again, what does this mean for our kids in the future? When we talk about robots and A.I supporting us/helping us as humans, we're also going to need to talk about the implications of jobs loses? What happens when computers can process logic ...

        Tags: robots, a.i, artificial, intelligence, developments, future

        • Tessa Gray

          Techweek don't miss out!

          This is just too much!!! Gaming for kids, Lego Mindstorms and lego challenges, virtual reality experiences, coding, robotics, geospatial, 3D printing, Minecraft, coding, using technology for good and human advancement... and much much more! Techweek 20 - 24 May 2019 has fant...

          Tags: tech, week, events, workshops, free, paid, coding, games, robots, 2019

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