• Lachlan McLaren

      Lachlan McLaren

      Roles: teacher

      • Te Raina Pihama

        Te Raina Pihama

        Roles: teacher

        • Joanna Lim

          Joanna Lim

          Roles: teacher

          • Mark Pribis

            Mark Pribis

            Roles: teacher, leader

            • Tessa Gray

              Tessa Gray

              Kia ora, Ko Mauao te maunga, Ko Kaituna te awa, Ko pakeha te iwi, Ko Tessa Gray tōku ingoa I currently work online from the Sunny BOP in several online spaces for educators, including, Nga Kiriahi, Virtual Learning Network and edSpace. I'm passionate about inspiring dialogue ar...

              Roles: teacher

              • Adrian Humm

                Adrian Humm

                Roles: teacher

                • Nicola Tempero

                  Nicola Tempero

                  Facilitator with CORE Education.

                  Roles: teacher

                  • Dan McLXXX

                    Dan McLXXX

                    Roles: teacher

                    • Aaron Kitto

                      Aaron Kitto

                      Roles: teacher, leader

                      • Michele Tidswell

                        Michele Tidswell

                        Roles: teacher

                      Latest news
                      • Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko | FREE downloadable Flyers and resources
                        Nau mai, hoki mai! Here you'll find downloadable flyers with useful information on our programme, the learning areas within Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko, and some resources you can use in your classroom right away. For Māori Medium:  General Programme...
                      • Changes in Ngā Rōpū (groups)
                        Kia ora i te whānau, you may have already noticed some changes to the structure of the groups (Ngā Rōpū) in Ngā Kiriahi. We now have 6 Featured groups for English Medium that parent (or host) several related sub-groups within them. PLEASE NOTE: To become a member of the subgroups, you will be...
                      • June gets ready for 2020 with Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko
                        June gets ready for 2020 with Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko
                        For June Thompson, Digital Technologies is an area of learning she has an active interest in applying in her classroom. Since joining Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko, the National Digital Readiness Programme, she has gained more knowledge and resources to add to her pīkau (or toolkit). June is gaining...